Earrings From the Cruise

Earlier this year I had a client come to me with a problem; she had purchased some beautiful tanzanite earrings while on a cruise, but after wearing them several times, she decided that the stones were just too big for her ears.

2.13ct and 2.17ct Trillion Cut Tanzanite

She decided she would like two matching pendants made from the stones, one for her and one for her daughter. We talked over design options, and after narrowing them down I came up with some renderings she could choose from.

She settled on this design, and I determined the best way to make the pendants would be to create a 3D CAD model as the stones were slightly different in size and not calibrated.

Once she approved the final design, the next step was for it to be 3D printed in wax, then cast in 14kt white gold. After finishing the castings, and carefully setting her delicate stones, the pendants were ready.

She chose 14kt white gold wheat chains to compliment the pendants. This style is one of my favorites for pendant chains as they are strong, elegant, and do not kink.

Together we envisioned a clean, modern design that showed off the beauty of her gemstones above all else. With her input throughout the design process, I was able to create some beautiful pieces she was delighted to have.

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